My First Show Acceptance Letter by Cathy Weiss

The first time I had a painting accepted into a Fine Art exhibition I was truly in shock. I had tried and tried and nothing was coming up. To say the least this can be very discouraging for anyone who is trying to break into exhibiting or anything new for that matter. At the same time I was trying to find gallery representation with no success. To tell you the truth I was afraid I didn't have what it took.

This is where being stubborn is quite useful. Being a bit more selective helped. I just kept painting, bracing myself for those piercing stabs to the heart "DECLINED" emails.

Then one day I got THE LETTER!! Yes they wanted my painting. I had to read it three times to
make sure.

Now looking back, yes, I wasn't quite ready. Most paintings I see accepted into shows are amazing.
I was not amazing. Just determined.

However, there was an issue and a "bigger" lesson.  I drive to FedEx to mail the painting, after trying for days to box this huge canvas with frame at 3.5'x3.5', I find out its going to cost a month's worth of groceries to send. Yes they actually charge by size and weight - who knew?
It took all my strength to drag it back to the car. I threw the darn thing in the back and went home with my tail between my legs. I prefer to eat. So it NEVER made it to the show. I felt so stupid. But I spoke with the man in charge, said I was new to this and blah blah. What a nice gentleman. I felt OKAY and learned my lesson. DON'T paint as big as a truck for shows.

It's all much better now. I have put in the hard, very hard work of learning to paint - the way I wanted to with all my heart, but couldn't.
I enter many international and national shows and I get alot accepted. I am very proud of this. I think to date all my paintings you see on my site here have been in shows around the country.
But I have not forgotten to appreciate the opportunity to share my work alongside other artists whom I greatly admire. My first acceptance letter is framed front and center in my studio.  

Oh and now at the time I write this I HAVE SOLD MY FIRST WILDLIFE PAINTING!!! Will explain a bit later. But the preview is: NOTHING BETTER THAN TO BE INVITED TO HANG IN SOMEONE'S HOME. !!!!!! WOW. Do they not know it's going to stare back at them for the rest of their lives? Everytime they pass it there it is looking back.
Yes and that is the wonderful gift of art - to give and have it accepted.